Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting Older, Growing Wolf Fur.

As I start out in new directions, I find myself getting back to the fur faced motifs of 2 years ago.   I'm excited about adding layers of gouache over ink, and spent some solid time mulling this over while at museums in New York this past weekend.  
Sometimes I wonder if it's so wrong that I will always love artists that will never stop being popular. 
Not even an unappreciated in his time, John Singer Sargent shouldn't appeal to my otherwise underdog-oriented interests and social scene, but he gets me every time.
 That being said, I'm making this insane nonsense and I love it. 
This is just part of an experiment, so I figured I'd call it a flyer for Cat Vet, my friends' awesome band, to take the heat off and just have a lot of fun.
Here's lookin at you, Lionel.

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