Thursday, July 14, 2011


After doing a lot of glass painting for a commissioned project, I realized that my interest in and planning around working in three dimensions could be accomplished through mirrors.

I am currently working out this piece for my upcoming show with Bonnie Brenda Scott at the Part Time Studios.   This paint is hard to work with at times, it's Liquitex Glossies (good name, guys), but every time something chips off or lifts up I realize that it needed to be pulled up anyway and work with it.
More updates to follow of difficult to photograph things - this is a detail shot on gold tinted 7" hexagonal mirrors.  
The show will most likely be an entire wall of individual tiles that produce a pretty massive mural.


wandering genie said...

I'm really stoked about this development. When's the show?

wandering genie said...

oh it tells me right here on your blog. I'm going to be in Maine in August but hopefully it's before I leeeeave.