Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Planning Stages

These are a few pages of sketches for the next show I'm hatching out of my brain right now.  I've been really overloaded with commission jobs and planning a European art show tour, so I haven't had a minute to get details on this out yet. 
I am currently discussing shows in Milan and Berlin and am still looking for any other galleries or spaces to show in while in Europe from Feb. 29th - June 13th.
I'm making a large body of sketches like these to work from for my next mirrored installation.  2012 is a great year for physicality, evisceration, and finally making it into the University of Penn Veterinary School's anatomy lab!
Know any spaces in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Belgium, and much of Eastern Europe that would be a good fit?

Contact me at ketchwehr @ gmail dot com.

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