Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sleep is overrated // Mirah show poster!

 I just started and finished this poster for the upcoming  
Mirah & Tender Forever & Lillie Ruth Bussey show in Philadelphia.
This lineup of these three bands / performers is a recurring set that is always well worth it.  
It is one of those minutes when I really miss living in Philly, even though
I am so glad to have moved to New York and taken change on in a big way.

Still, if anyone is able to make it to this show, go!

This piece is mostly gouache, though there is also some ink and watercolor.
I really enjoy collecting unusual pigments at the Dick Blick and A.I. Friedman when I 
end up by one.  Gouache comes in really fun hues, I'm glad that it only takes a
little to work with, or I'd never get my collection to expand.
It's all part of my Agent Dale Cooper plan.

When it isn't paint, it is almost always.  Always.  Coffee.

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