Monday, October 21, 2013

Selection of Work from Emblems of Things to Come

This is a collection of images of half of the work currently on exhibit
at the window gallery of the Leslie-Lohman Museum.
The reception was a great success, and I owe a great deal of gratitude
to the team at the Museum and to the people in my life who made so much of this possible,
particularly my partner, my family, and my longtime friends.
 This show took a lot of time and research.
It seems like I have just begun down a path where
I challenge myself to do much more than I have accomplished before.

Whenever I make a new show, it's difficult to avoid that fear
that your concept and actual work are in conflict,
and this is a show where put in a lot of time to
challenge my own expectations and not to get too comfortable.  
I'm very proud of this collection of paintings and intend to just
keep going on from here, collecting stories and histories for a long time.

Anne Bonney (1700 – 1722?) “The most famous of all women pirates, 
of Anne’s various activities… reporters are loathe to tell about her lesbianism.   
Anne is reported to have quipped during her final fray, 
“Dogs! In insteady of these weaklings I only had some women with me!” 
(The Encyclopedia of Amazons, Jessica A. Salmonson)

­Boudica (d. c. AD 61) “Derived from the Celtic word for ‘Victorious.’ 
Warrior-queen of the Iceni of Norfolk.  She led a rebellion in A.D. 61, 
sacking numerous [occupying] Roman settlements… [and] temporarily liberated her people
 from the Roman yoke.  The Roman army was urged on with the observation
 that the Celtic queen’s forces included “more women than warriors.” 
(The Encyclopedia of Amazons, Jessica A. Salmonson) 

Hypatia  (c. AD 350–370; d 415)was a brilliant mathematician and astronomer – 
at the time of her death, she was the foremost in her field in the West, 
and probably in the entire world.  
…Religious and secular tensions in Alexandria led to her murder.” 
(“Missed in History: Hypatia,” Tracey V. Wilson)

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