Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY Philly Poster - In Progress

This is a detail snapshot of the poster I am completing illustrating tonight for my friends on the DIY PHL team.   
In their own words, "DIYPHL is a show and event listing for Philadelphia and surrounding areas... 
to promote and support a music and arts community..."  
I have been thinking so much lately about the blight of white nose syndrome on bats, 
how we are watching the great Chiroptera order dissolve at a rapid pace. 
The entire poster is bat-themed, though not all about species of Philadelphia because 
that would be too narrow a scope and because I love those brown long-eared bats 
from the UK (pictured above). 
While this has been a subject dear to my heart and that of many of my friends and other conservationists,
 it sprung back to the front of my brain after reading about the debate over the Bracken Bat Cave
the largest bat cave in the United States, which is currently threatened by development. 

While we are on the subject, this is a shot of a painting I made 
of a vampire bat for a Bat Sanctuary benefit a year or two ago - 
it is acrylic glass paint on mirror and I am so sad that I don't have 
a final photograph of it any longer.

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